Pets may not be able to say what's wrong, but they have ways of showing it. Animal lovers are coming to expect the same quality of health care for their four-legged friends that they can claim for themselves. The demands placed on animal health and medical care are rising. Bayer Animal Health Advantage ticks and flees remedy needed an online destination that would remind pet owners to apply or purchase medication to make sure pets stay healthy and protected from parasites and never miss a dose.
I led a team of designers to create a responsive website that's mobile first and easy to access when pet owners are around their pets. The website would remind pet owners about the required medication action through a system of sms messages. As part of our UX strategy we structured the dosing information and action steps that are intuitive and user-friendly. We leveraged Bayer branding elements to create a stand alone online destination that keeps consumers engaged and informed. I was personally responsible for creating the visual style of the website as well as designing the homepage, selecting typography, colour palette as well as overseeing the design of the entire project.
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