Law Society or Ontario needed a rebrand and a multichannel public awareness campaign to bring across the message that says - we work for Ontarians - we are not a closed off society protecting the interests of lawyers - we are an open source of info/help/knowledge. 
As a Senior Art Director on this project I was directly responsible for this rebrand. The new logo presented a modern image, distancing the rebranded LSO from any impressions of oldness or stuffiness. After rounds of iterations the Law Society logo has been updated to reflect the Law Society’s relevance as an open, modern regulator with progressive approach. The three concentric circles of the new logo represent components of the Law Society’s work: the public, the legal professions and the regulatory framework. The logo is infinite as you look at all the different groups within Society. It applies to all. 
The purpose of the campaign is to generate greater understanding of what the Law Society does and how members of the public can access the right legal services when they need them.

The campaign strengthens the Law Society’s relevance as a progressive, modern regulator and encourages the public to use the Law Society as a “go-to” place for getting information about legal resources and referrals to lawyers and paralegals. The awareness campaign will also highlight the critical role that the legal professions play in enabling access to legal services for all Ontarians.
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