Money is too important to be boring. Most messages relayed by financial apps carry a negative tone. Bankers tend to talk to people as they talk to each other, rather than as consumers. Today’s consumer is smarter, savvier, and more informed than ever before and expects a high degree of personalization and convenience out of their banking experience. The ask was to propose a reimagined, more positive mobile banking experience for RBC customer that provides reinforcement, encouragement & advice. The goal was: how can a financial app do more, especially making use of an app a more positive experience. 
I was a Sr. Art Director on this project with a responsibility to create and reimagine mobile banking experience for the RBC customer. Working together with financial strategists and engineering teams I identified main customer pain points, created the user flows and low-fidelity wireframes that simplified sign-up and sign-in process and gives a holistic view of finances. We implemented a concierge service, which heightens customer expectations with positive messaging while financial advisors answer any of the customer’s questions and provide additional recommendations based on their behaviour. I was personally responsible for designing a visual style, interface mockups and prototype for this elevated banking model that integrates customer-centred experiences into traditional banking.
Moodboard exercise to explore visual directions. Black and Gold direction was chosen to compliment the premium features of the product and reflect the urban metropolitan demographics.
User Flows:
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